Powerlight AI aids


HIV is transmitted by blood and other body fluids. Powerlight AI changes the surface of the virus so that the immune system can identify and attack the pathogen ( HIV-1 and also HIV-2 ) It has to be said that “HIV-positive” and “suffering from Aids” is not the same. HIV stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”. The diagnosis Aids is not made only by a test but additionally by a medical examination. ( The doctors will look for other diseases or symptoms. ) A large part of HIV infections proceeds asymptomatically. If after an infection with HIV there are symptoms, mostly they are not distinguishable from a cold or influenza. A meaningful HIV-test provide informations whether an infection exists. It detects whether antigens or antibodies are there and shows whether it is HIV-1 or HIV-2 .

Because the AI-Cluster  after the last intake remains 28 further days in the body comorbidities ( gum, colon, gonads ) soonest can be treated after these 28 days with another Powerlight-Clusters.

Intake :

Take 1 ampoule Powerlight AI per week in 4 consecutive weeks. A quarter of hour before intake and a quarter of hour after the intake you must not eat or drink.


Powerlight BOR Borreliose


Powerlight BU – Buruli ulcer

Meanwhile you find the desease in Westafrica, across the tropics, in Australia, Latin America and Japan. The pathogen mycobacterium ulcerans is related to the agent of leprosies and that of tuberculosis. It attacks the skin and the soft tissues and leads to extensive ulcerations and necrosis, normally this is painless. Recently we also heard about painful lesions. Often you find the bacterium up to 10 cm away from the visible ulcer in apparent healthy tissue. Therefore surgical treatments are not expedient. Aggravating this situation is that laboratory diagnostics are extremely sophisticated and therefore in related regions the tests cannot be carried out. On the basis of mostly painless symptoms patients often go in very late stage to the doctor. In half of the cases children under 15 years are affected. In children you may see the ulcers in each place of the body. In adults extremities are concerned mostly. Initial knotty skin swellings lead to ulcers. Finally we see mutilations and contractures that may restrict the mobility. Mycobacterium ulcerans releases a poison (Mycolacton) suppressing the immune system additionally, it causes damages in the tissues. Differential diagnoses are cutaneous leishmaniosis, cutaneous diphtheri and yaws.

Powerlight developed a cluster that changes the surface of mycobacterium ulcerans, so also a damaged immune system can destroy the pathogens.

We recommend to take one ampulle per day over a period of 7 days.

After the last intake the cluster stays in the body 6 days Long.

Powerlight CLM - clamydien


Powerlight DE – dengue fever

The number of ill people increases dramaticaly. The spread in Europe is increasing. Dengue fever in most tropical and subtropical countries appeares. Incubation time is 4-7 days.

It is suspected that after a first infection, second infections may follow with serious course. Vector ist the female misquito (Stegomya aegypti) and the (Stegomya alboptica).

First infection is frequently confused with influenca making the same symptoms ( fever, muscle pain and exhaustion). New research shows that there are different progressive forms (Dengue virus DENV 1-4). Like Ebola fever and Lassa fever Dengue belong to the group haemorrhagic fevers. The Dengue shock syndrom may lead to deaths. During an infection, the virus via specific receptors on the cell surface of a host cell adhere to and are taken up by an Endosome.

Dealing with all specimens patients blood in particular is subject to strictly regulations.

Powerlight DE changes the surface of the virus, so that it can be attacked even by a damaged immune system.

We recommend a treatment period of 5 days taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight DE per day (oral use).

After the last intake the Cluster is one further day effectiv


Powerlight DIdiphteria

As diphteria is a viral diseas it has always been tried to cure by antibitics. Late sequelae of hard cases and side effects of the applied medicines have diphteria kept being a dreaded diseas for children. In paediatrics the croup diseas is hardly to distinguish from diphteria. Many paediatrics from all parts of the world have already declared a war on diphteria because, first of all, infants cannot discribe their pains in words are involved. There are still events of death not avoidable either by a treatment with antibiotics.Powerlight researched viruses of different origin causing diphteria and has trodden a path with configuration of water clusters we did not go before our dveloping of Powerlight DI. Under the influence of viruses the water cluster alters by the exchanging of electrons between visur and cluster so that different forms of clusters arise. In all cases Powerlight DI had been used, children concerned, had no symptoms any more within less than 1 hour.

We recommend to take orally 1 ampoule Powerlight DI once.


Powerlight EB - ebstein barr virus

The Ebstein Barr Virus is probalbly the fateful virus for the human. The virus trigger lokaly nearly not cureable inflamations, causes in different body areas tumores and bear reference to the central nervous system, where the virus could prepare a lot of problems.

The Ebstein Barr Virus establish in handycapped tissues, because of environmental toxin or psychosomatically. The resulted deseases are most multicausal.

When the Ebstein Barr Virus is participate on the tumor formation, is the developed Powerlight product for tumors to use.

Ebstein Barr has a special meaning for the area of the alveoli, where it could come to emphysema formation.

We recommend a treatment period of 10 following days taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight EB per day (oral use).

Powerlight EBO   -     ebola

Like Dengue fever, Lassa fever is Ebola one of the haemorrhagic fever illnesses that leads to death by bleeding tendencies in inner organs. Ebola has the highest death rate.

The genus Ebola has 5 species and 14 subtyps. The virus is able to reproduce in all types of body cells. Infection happens by contact with infected animals or from human to human.

The deseas has the lethality of 50-90%. In the average a patient after 9 days died.

We examinated the 4 virus types:

-         ZEBOV

-         SEBOV

-         REBOV

-         CIEBOV

These single stranded enveloped RNA virus has a good responce to the cluster of Powerlight EBO. We developed it in the beginning of the 1990s for a patient coming from Konko to the Sowjetunion. The Powerlight EBO Cluster seems to have influence of all the Ebola virus types in the same way: electrons in the RNA are moved and it comes to a splitting of bases of the RNA.

Up to now the medicine is only tested in one patient.

We recommend to take Powerlight EBO over a period of 3 days 1 ampoul per day oraly.

Powerlight EH - enterohämorragisches escherichia coli

Powerlight FSM early sommer encephalitis

Powerlight GF   ( yellow fever )

The yellow fever virus is transmitted by mosquitos of the Haemagogus genus and by Aedes ägyppti . The incubation period is 3-8 days .  In Africa and Central and South America the illness is endemic . Illness progresses in two phases . In the first phase we see a sharp increase of fever , chills , headaches , vomit , muscle aches and icterus . After a short period of improvement a second phase follows with symptoms in organs. ( albuminuria , liver damage up to coma , bradycardia ) High lethality .The Powerlight-GF-Cluster attacks the surface of the viruses , that the immune system can eliminate them .

We recommend to take  7 ampouls -  1 per day    -  the survival time of the cluster after the last intake is 5 days                                 

Powerlight GR – influenza A without subtypes of the avian influenza

Powerlight GRB - influenza B

Powerlight HA – hepatitis A

The virus enters the digestive tract via the mouth. The main sources for infection are contaminated food, contaminated drinking water as well as sexual contacts. The incubation period for Hepatitis A is 3-4 weeks, and its infection is more acute than that of Hepatitis B. The hepatitis A virus is excreted out of the body with feacals through the intestine. Common symptoms include: flu-like condition, loss of appetite, fatigue, aversion to fat and alcohol, headache, pressure under the
rib cage, muscle and joint pain as well as jaundice. The duration of infection depends on the individual immune condition. Infected persons should avoid public bathrooms and toilets until they are diagnosed free of the virus.

As a nutritional supplement for adults and children 1 ampule of Powerlight HA per day for 3 consecutive days     

 Do not take any other Powerlight cluster product for at least 5 days after the last intake.


Powerlight HAN - hanta virus

We recommend taken 1 ampoule oraly every second day over a period of 14 day.


Powerlight HBhepatitis B

Hepatitis B is transmitted by body fluids, mainly by blood and medical products made from blood. An infection is possible by sexual contact or at birth under unhygienic conditions. The accure state

of the disease can lead to an increase in the enzyme transaminases. Approximately 10 % of the patients develop a persistence of antigen Hbs-Ag. If there is no healing after 6 months, the infection becomes chronic. Then the antigens HBs-Ag, HBe-Ag, HBV-DNA can be detected even without the formation of specific antibodies, which can trigger the development of liver cirrhosis or liver cell carcinoma. The VIRUS CLUSTER HB with its octagonal structure changes the virus so that the body can tackle it easily. It should always be considered that other liver diseases may coexist with hepatitis B. (Hepatitis A and hepatitis B are sometimes transmitted at the same time).

 As a dietary supplement for adults and children, take 1 ampule of Powerlight HB orally every second day.
Take a total of 7 ampules for best results.

 Do not take any other Powerlight cluster product for at least 5 days after the last intake. Do not use if the ampule is broken


Powerlight HC - hepatitis C


Hepatitis C especially is transmitted by blood .Rodents also may be carrier of the virus . Often acute phase is undetected – sometimes there occur symptoms influenza like – afterwards chronic course .

After incubation 20 – 60 days we see alterations in the liver leading to fatigue , exhaustion , loss of appetite , joint pains , pressure in the right upper abdomen , sometimes jaundice .

Late effects may be liver cirrhosis and liver carcinoma .


 We suggest a duration of intake of four weeks with one ampoul HC per week ( intake orally )

                                                    After last intake the cluster stays 14 days in the body .

Powerlight HD                    –        hepatitis D

In almost all cases hepatitis D is associated with hepatitis B. As a result, an inflammation of the surrounding area of the liver cells occurs and, thereby transmitted, inflammation in the interstitium around the blood vessels in the brain.

Consequence are strokes. If headaches occur with hepatitis B a hepatitis D should be considered. After the resolution of the heptatitis B a CT of the head should be performed in the case of existing suspicion to exclude sacculated vessels which can lead to aneurysms with severe late complications. Cholinesterase which is formed in the liver is used to transmit signals in the brain and nerves. Is it increased within the frame of hepatitis D the signal transmission in the brain is affected so that more blood is diverted into the brain. It is the aim of Powerlight HD to normalise the signal transmission in the brain and regain a normal state in the blood vessels by reduction of the increase in pressure. Than the outpouchings regress by themselves, a regulation of the signal transmission in the blood assumed. Powerlight HD has an impact on the charges of the polyglycan chains in the intercellular fluid in the brain and makes sure the hyperboloid structure of polyglycan chains is restored.

If a hepatitis D has occurred or the patient suffers more often from headaches after a hepatitis B 1 x 1 ampoule of Powerlight HD should be taken (orally) every 4 days. After the fourth taking complete healing is achieved.


Powerlight HE - hepatitis E

The Hepatitis E virus is a RNA virus and belongs to the family of the herpesviridae . Often it is cause of an enteral evoked Hepatitis Non A / Non B . There exist different genotypes , some of them can be transferred by humans others by animals .

The transfer is by nutrition or drinking water . Incubation 30 – 40 days . A quarter of the patients show jaundice . Normally this illness heals complete .

Pregnant women and patients with pre-existing conditions with difficult progression , partly with lethal outcome . In dialysis patients and HIV infected persons chronification is possible .

                                                                                                                                                   We recommend a duration of 14 days with 1 ampoul per day orally . The cluster still stays 10 days after the last intake.

Powerlight HEB                  -          helicobacter

Powerlight HPV                  -          human papillon virus

Powerlight Huno                -          human norovirus

Powerlight HS                    –          herpes simplex


Powerlight KKF                  -          krim kongo fever


Powerlight LA                     –        lassa virus

Often enough the colon ist he scene of dramas which result in daeth. I do only not think of the olon carcinoma, but also the intestine associated lymph ducts in which viruses lead to the destruction of the intestine mucosa.

Here viral loads are intoduced into the bloodstream by the lymph not necessarily obtained from the food.

Breathing air loads get rarely direct into the lungs but take the way via blood vessels o the colon vissi as if they wanted to complete straight against the most powerful antagonist. In most cases they draw the short straw.

While the immune defence is weak they invade the colon mucosa and cause diarrhoea as we otherwise know it exceptionally only from holidays.

The Lassa virus that occurs maily in Afrika is found more often in Europe than previously assumed. Hank God, our climate is different so epidemics does not arise in Europe. Once infected the peron of the domestic population of African countries remains a lifelong carrier of he virus. The virus outlives in the intestinate epithelia, causes sometimes still diarrhoea but appart from that is inconcpicuous on the surface. Neverless its presence takes a vast amount of power.

Peole who are ill take orally the contents of 1 ampoule Powerlight LA on the first day, from the second day on 2 ampouls per day, period of treatment is 1 week.

Powerlight LAM                  -          lamblien

Powerlight LEG                  -        legionellosen

Powerlight LEI                   -        leishmaniellen



Powerlight MA                    -           malaria


Almost always Malaria is transfered by mosquitoes ( Anopheles ). Pathogens are different plasmodia ( parasites ). Plasmodium falciparum – malaria tropica      Plasmodium vivax – malaria tertian      Plasmodium malariae – malaria quartana     Plasmodium knowlesi  -  malaria quotidiana. They feed red blood pigment. Erythrocytes disintegrate.

Half of the global population lives in malaria areas.

The illness is characterized by high recurrent fever with chill, gastrointestinal complaints and cramps. There is risk of death  for pregnant women and children. Mostly the disease becomes chronicle. – characterised by episodic attacks of fever and periodically lacks of concentration and forgetfulness.

Even in cases of blackwater fever we have positive experience with Powerlight MA.

Intake :

Duration of treatment is 7 days – 1 ampoule per day orally. After the 7th  intake the cluster remains 8 further days in the body. In this time don´t start another second cluster intake.

Powerlight MEN                 -          meningokokken

Powerlight MR                   -          multiresisten pathogens

Powerlight MUM                -          mumps


Powerlight PES                  -          pest

Powerlight PO                    -          polio

Powerlight POC                  -          pox

Powerlight PR                    -          measel virs


Powerlight RO                    –        reoviruses

It is a Powerlight product, that helps in diseases with Reo-viruses.

You can observe mutual transfers between human and animals.

(in the veterenary medicine the virus has a significant effect to new born calves)

Depending on the immune system of humans, the patient has diarrhoea. Exsiting wounds have complications, that can not be healed with antibiotics.

Therapy-resistant bronchitis are only one of many symptoms are observed, triggered by Reo-viruses. The virus populates and destroys the mucous membrane of the small intestine and change the bronchial mucosa.

In different countries reporting requirements exists for infected persons.

Little children are particulary vulnerable, because of there uncomplete immune system.

Powerlight RO is  for a period of 7 days with one ampoul per day oraly. 


Powerlight SA                -        SARS

Powerlight SHI               -        shigeliose


Powerlight TY                 -        typhus

Powerlight VG                 -      avian influenza 

Powerlight VRE              -       vancomicin resistent Enterokokken

 Powerlight ZI - Zika Virus


The Zika virus is a member Flaviviridae virus family and the flavivirus genus . It comes from the tropics and is transmitted by tiger mosquitos . Meanwhile you find the desease not only in Afrca but in South America also .

In 20 % of the cases you find symptoms like fever , exanthema , conjunctivitis , joint pains , muscular pains , headache .

After few days these symptoms drop .

There is a connection between this infection an microcephaly in babies .

Seldom you see the Guillain-Barre-Syndrom ( an inflammatory pölyneuropathy ). Flaviviruses mutate often .

The capsids of these viruses contains single stranded RNA .

                                                                                                                               Powerlight ZI changes the surface of the capsids , that the immunsystem can attack them .

                                                                                                                               Infected persons take one ampoule per day over a period of 10ndays .

                                                                                                                               After last intake the cluster stays one day in the body

Powerlight ZVV              -       Zoster Varizellen Virus

Varicella Zoster Virus is responsible for a lot of different deseases.

-                      chickenpox (varicella)

-                      herpes zoster

are deseases that may leave consequential damages, that often are overlooked or not correctly assessed.

Consequential damages with virus back ground are often not to associate with the initial illness and often can not be treated.

-                      shingles (herpes zoster)

-                      myocarditis

are often consequential deseases of preceded infections with the varicella zoster virus, that remains lifelong after an infection in the cell core of nerv cells and depending on the immun system flares.

Powerlight ZVV has influence on the virus and changes it, that even a weakened immun system can eleminate it.

We recommend to take one ampoule oraly per day for a period of three days when illness is acute. We recommend to take one ampoule oraly per day for a period of 7 days to treat consequential damages.

Powerlight ZYT                  -        Zytomegalo Virus


All Powerlight medicines for animals are not suitable for humans. The clusters in both cases are different, although the virus in an animal might be the same like in a human.

All Powerlight medicines against viruses, bacterias and parasites you can get by Powerlight-Dubai for humans. The changed cluster against the same pathogen by Vet-Powerlight Tiermedizin is only suitable by animals. Please don´t mix up.