Powerlight CA   –    Carcinoma (lungs, breast, colon, small intestine,

                                ovaries, testicles,prostate) including metastases

It is important that the diagnosis “carcinoma” is made by a doctor or a hospital. Carcinomas are degenerated epithelial cells. Epithelial cells we find in many regions of the body. The causes can be toxic or mental or both. Between the first noxae and the outbreak of the tumor  there may be many years.

Usually after the intake of the 2. ampoule Powerlight CA the patient feels better.

Applications :

Anal carcinoma, bronchial carcinoma, testicle carcinoma, larynge carcinoma, stomach carcinoma, breast carcinoma, kidney carcinoma, pancreas carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, carcinoma in maxilla-facial surgery


Irrelevant in what stage the tumor is and irrelevant whether there are metastases the duration of intake is 4 weeks ( 1 ampoule per week). Because after the 4. intake the effective factor ( that is the CA-Cluster) remains in the body 40 further days, the complete treatment duration is 68 days. In this total time a second cluster must not be taken in ( with the exception of Powerlight S or Powerlight E). A second cluster in this time at once would stop the treatment by destruction of the CA-Cluster.

Intake :

Oral – through the mouth. A quarter of hour before the intake and a quarter of hour after the intake it is not allowed to eat or to drink.

Controls and diagnosis :

In the first phase of the treatment the tumor tissue will be coated by a granulation tissue that in the further course will replace the tumor tissue and then can heal.

X-rays and CT´s in the time to healing show a larger diameter of the process because of the wall of granulation tissue.


Because Powerlight CA works on a purely physical level ( by electron transfer) it is possible to treat the patient – if he wants- parallel with chemical medicines. There is no interaction.

In an advanced stage of a cancer and repeated chemotherapy it may be that a patient is so weakened that the body at first should be detoxificated by Powerlight EG. After the desintegration of the EG-Cluster ( 14 days after the last EG intake)the patient can get Powerlight CA 4 weeks


Powerlight H+HN              -          Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin

In the onkologie Hodgkin lymphomas and Non Hodgkin lymphomas have a common cause: the de-differenttiation of lymphozytes. Especially after a immunosuppressive treatment arise these diseases. Hodgkin lymphomas has four different forms, which shows a different progression.

                            nodulare-sclerosing form

                            mixed cell form

                            lymphocytes rich form

                            lymphocytes poor form

all these forms underlie a decoupling between the initiator in the cerebellum and the areas where lymphocytes arise out of stem cells. (pelvis, sternum, cranial bone, big long bone)

Non-Hodgkin-lymphomas belonging to the same category of tumors. They are different from Hodgkin-lymphomas in the histological pictures. They are subject to the same disturbances like Hodgkin-lymphomas.

All degenerations which are result in the cotyledon of the mesoderm have the same initiatior in the cerebrum. Because of this, Powerlight H+NH, now is the method of choise for all tumores and deseases coming from the mesoderm. Blood disorders, cancers of the blood and leukemias just respond as well to the treatment with Powerlight H+NH, as sarcomas, which have their origin in bones, muscles and nervous system.

Powerlight H+NH has influence of areas in the cerebellum, which participate in the production of lymphocytes Membran  potentials out of balance rebuild again and get stabilized.

We recommend no matter what stage of Hodgkin and Non Hodhkin lymphomas and their spread to take Powerlight H+NH for a period of 3 days 1 ampoule orally, dayly. After a pause of one week take again 3 days long 1 ampoule orally,dayly.

Powerlight KiC                   –        child carcinoma

Anyone who inquires into causes of carcinoma in childhood or after embryonic malfunktion in the specialized literature finds in research on twins that the incidence of cancer in monozygotic and dizygotic twins practically excludes being genetically involved in the genesis. This would mean that from zero hour on disorders would happen which results in the disease within a short time. In explaining such defects it can be used that fatal developing blaze the trail by field changes of water dipoles in the body fluid of the child as phases of the water molecules shift between the magnetic and electric field which effect the cell metabolism. That one who experienced how cell potentials shift when only making phone calls with mobile telefones can imagine what technical frequencies triger at cell walls of children still being instable. Above all, technical devices close into concideration yet. With Powerlight KIC we have a medication that can regulate disordered conditions at the cell wall in the winl of an eye and transfer degenerated cells to the normal state again.

We recommend totake 1 ampoule Powerlight KIC orally per day from babyhood on. Over a period of 8 weeks the dipole fields are regulated so carcinomata regress and child development is lead along the right road again.

Powerlight LE                     -        leukemia

has been developed to be able to heal even advanced stages of leukemia. A leukemia which always is linked to a supression of immune defence is always dangerous to life if the immune defence is additionally disturbed. The immune defence is located on 2 levels: on a cellular and on a humoral i.e. at one point by leucocytes not maturing with a leukemia and by substances excreted off connective tissue cells. A vicious circle occurs if humoral and cellular defence are damaged. Because the substances of the connective tissue cells protect the leucocytes and leucocytes protect the connective tissue cells of the immune defence. Powerlight LE has the possibility to create a surrounding which they themselves can regenerate in as they completely depend on the body fluid surrounding them. Are the connective tissue cells intact the leucocytes and cells which produce leucocytes cure and a normal maturing of the cells happen.

Regardless of the stage of the disease and regardless if chemotherapy or radiotherapy have been deployed adults take 1 ampoule of Powerlight LE orally per day over a period of 4 weeks. From the first day on the patient can feel recovery.

Powerlight NR              -        cerebral tumor – neural tube

In the embryonic developement the neural tube is responsible for forming brain parts and parts of the pinal cord. If in the pregnancy it comes to disturbances in a part of the neural tube it comes to mistakes that lead to deformities. Where macroscopic deformities stay away it comes to predispositions for seldom tumores, like:

-         Neuroblastoma

-         Ganglioneuroma

-         Ganglioneuroblastoma

-         Germinoma

All these tumores have an ectodermal origin, because of that mixed forms of these tumores often make a treatment impossible. All these mistakes occure because of unbalances of the electrical potentials between glial cells and cells in the epithalamus. These inbalances by Powerlight NR are cured.

We recommend a treatment period of 6 weeks taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight NR per week (oral use).