Powerlight ALZ - Alzheimer

In the last decades, a long time existing disease of the cerebrum “Alzheimer”, was brought into the headlines. A consequence of Alzheimer is the increaseing loss of memory capicity, because cell potiantial degraded at the neurons. Many reasons were discused, they all agravatingly add to the main thing. The main thing we recognised is a achieving of emotional acting, that up to now in Alzheimer mistakenly manner had been seen as the consquence of this illness.

Acting, when emotions are supressed, interupt the forwarding of impulses in the neo-cortex, further acting in this way makes that impulses can not build up electrical potentials again. The rapid decline shows more and more a loss of behaviour pattern.

We recommend a treatment period of 20 days taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight ALZ per day (oral use).

The Powerlight recommend by exsiting Alzheimer as soon as possible to start a psychological guidiance, that patients do not become a burden for others. The rebuilding of membran potential did not ensure for the responsible behaviour of individuals. These behaviour is to practice new about the psychological guidiance. With the treating are to lay foundations, thereby the acting can be emotional again. That emotions, which make a personal livelihood with the environment possible, are able to establish itself, individuals has the only possibility to come humanly closer to people in their environment.

Powerlight ER                     –        erectile dysfunctions

90 % of the disease “erectile dysfunction” has mental causes. If there is a dysfunction, the patient has a feeling of insecurity, so that a normal associate with the sexuality is not possible. Who occupied only with the physically consequences will have a temporary limited success. Because the erection, which is only initiated physically by drugs, allows no mental satisfaction by sexual intercoure. Powerlight ER has a broad-spectrum, which has in addition to the physically a metal effect, without this, diseases of this kind are not treatable.

The erection during the sexual union of a man and a woman has a more profound significance, as everyone may think. A profound encounter, in that the mind will be switched off, cannot be, without the fact that centres of the vagina get contact.

A cascade of nerve cells react, when the contact take place, so that the man due to the woman gets satisfactions, which go beyond above the physically ejaculation.

Of these cascades, there is a interplay between man and woman, which without a deep mental relationship can difficulty take place. Powerlight ER promotes the membrane potential in the Septum Pelucidum in the brain, so that it is easier to stimulate peripheral centres. It promotes the excitability, without having a prematurely ejaculation. Unlike modern drugs, only promoting the erection, the mental capacity will survive. Without this the mental union is only superficial. Powerlight ER has a long lasting effect and causes healing in the range of pre-damaged membranes.

After taken Powerlight ER once it is a permanent improvement to highlight. For a completly convalescence Powerlight ER is taken orally one time a day over a period of 14 days.

Powerlight GE                     –      restoration of brain functions 

Genetic predisposition may lead to an injury of neuromuscular nerve conduction. These illnesses were not curable in the past, because the injuries are in nerve cells and neuromuscular end plates. In nerve cells and neuromuscular end plates Powerlight GE restores the electrical potentials. After conduction of nerve stimulus is healed, concerned muscles can be re-build.

Powerlight GE has influence to deposits in brain cells up to the brain stem, where impulses for vital processes are given. After strokes breathing and blood pressure may be deranged. Here is a second field for Powerlight GE. 

Powerlight GE should be taken together with Powerlight HG, to optimize the result. We recommend a treatment period of one week taking 1 ampoul per day oraly.

Powerlight HG cerebral vessels

Powerlight HG together with Powerlight GE is for the regeneration of nerve cells that are damaged by injuries, strokes or because of genetic predisposition. Psychic influences in children may lead to learning difficulties. Powerlight HG normalises cerebral metabolism so that memories of lost content return.

The regeneration also provides a better regulation of associative thinking.

Trauma - and shock effects are removed by unblocking cell areas, where carriersystems are blocked. Powerlight HG has a regulating influence in cores in the interbrain, which have the task to control breathing.

We recommend a treatment period of one week taken 1 ampoul Powerlight HG per day oraly.

 Powerlight MS            -                 multiple skerose

Often demyelinization of nervs is a consequence of multiple sklerose, so that impulses of nervs are forwarded incorrect, which results in paralysis and loss of the ability to see. Demyelinization can arise primary and secondary by inflammations in the brain, they have the same effects. Powerlight MS normalizes the metabolism of the myelin sheath and central inflammations fades away, so that the proceed of the diseases will be stopped. Now you can think about detoxification, reducing or healing the claims already occured or physiotherapeutic measures to improve the conditions. It is appropriate to ensure that the disease is not a polyneuropathy, that makes similar symptoms.

We recommend a treatment period of 6 weeks taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight MS per week (oral use).


Powerlight NK                    –        re-encoding (depot fat, thyroxin, thyroid)

Powerlight NK stands for re-encoding and means a new setting of the course withhin the hormone cascade ensuring in the hypophysis, thyroid, pancreas and gonades the coordinated energy supply during physical activity and building up reserves in adding fat deposits. Today, as fat reserves in the form of deposits have become a problem for our health the Powerlight can offer a solution which enables hormonally in the healthy juvenile body all energy to be either converted into motion or saved in glycogen in the muscle. The setting of the course happens affecting the membranes of the hormone-producing glands, above all, the thyriod. By producing thyroxin the thyroid ensures that all fat in the liver can be metabolised which mainly hormone precursors as well as glycogen arise from. The thyroxin is one of two stress hormones and, in the case of permanent stress, loses soon the regulative of the remaining hormone producing glands. That happens by activating genes in the respective organs. Has the adjustment once happend by stress the metabolism is in principle different from that as is in adolenscence and remains changed until the end of life.

The heart beat volume will be infuenced by the aria striata in the brain. Technical frequencies are able to depolarize the aria striata, heart beat volume then is reduced.

Powerlight NK leafs to a correction of the genes in hormone producing organs so that juvenile metabolism can take place again.

Powerlight NK has importance after strokes, it makes an adequate supply with hormons first of all of the thymus, to regenerate damaged areas of the brain.

Women take orally 1 ampoule of Powerlight NK daily over a period of 21 days, men 1 ampoule of Powerlight NK daily over a period of 30 days. Then a pause with women and men at least 30 days is to be made. The medicine is contraindicated until the age of 21 years.


Powerlight PAR             -        parkinson

Parkinson is a degenerative neurological illness that occurs gradually. In this process dopamine producing  nerve cells die. Because of the lack of dopamine the cerebral cortex is not enough activated. We have muscular rigidity, slowing of physical movements, muscle tremor, loss of body tension, cognitive and psychic disorder. Here a long time major stress and toxic deposits in the brain underlie.

The Powerlight PAR-cluster expels toxins and reclaims nerve cells. In the second phase dopamine producing cells are rebuilt.

Depending on the seriousness of the case it will take different amounts of time. After the last intake the Powerlight PAR-cluster remains further 40 days in the body and works.

Intake :

Take 1 ampoule per day – 28 days long. ¼ of hour before intake and ¼ of hour after intake it is not allowed to drink or to eat.

Cluster persists further 40 days after the last intake.



Powerlight PP                -        depression among woman