Powerlight BD  -   blood pressure, cardiac infarction (also prophylaxis,

                              blood diseases

Despite all medical progresses the developement of blood pressure diseases still puzzles. Considering that, a possible indication might give the fact that several working groups could prove propioni bacteria in bone marrow biopsies, namely especially the propioni bacterium acnes which is involved in acnes. Scientists from Bejing university, China, assume in a current work that compounds of these microorganisms initiate autoimmune processes. A fragment of the propionoí bacteria could deposite for example in the bones or joints which are bound to immunoglobulins and cause a sterile inflammation there. The immune system did not seem to intervene as it usualy does, at least in the laboratory endogenic scavenger cells did not fight against propioni bacteria.

The blood pressure has no complex affects and is responsible, apart from well-being, for the genesis of blood diseases partly taking a lethal course. As the pressure in the different organs vary the retention time of the blood between the aterial and venous arm in different organs varies. The retention time involves all blood shares, above all, the cells as well as the thrombocytes. There is no simplification involed in saying that from such diseases as coagulant dysfunction to leukaemia, anamenic diseases to diseases of the blood vessels including deposite in the coronaty vessels are conditional on blood pressure. Party blood diseases follow after disorders of laboratory scale parameters and point out that, in the prodromal stage, a disease is developing. Powerlight BD normalises the retention time of the blood in the organs in a way that adjust the viscosity in fact by the flow behaviour in the organs that each single organ determines. The change happens in such a way which enables blood cells to pass easier through the terminal vessels without changing the coagulation behaviour.

As it is the case with all Powerlight products Powerlight BD is to be taken orally – 1 ampoule of Powerlight BD daily, for a period of 21 days


Powerlight BZ                 -        diabetes

In literature different of diabetes causes are quoted. No matter what genesis or history a diabetes has (In one case there are damaged beta cells that causes diabetes, in the other case glucose doesn´t come into the body cells where it is needed) Beta cells have a very sensitive metabolism that is effected by different types of technical radiation. Has a damage happened it comes to a deficiency in insulin that inhibits the efficiency which than leads to impairments of processes in the entire metabolism. So the diabetes is only primarily a dease of the pancreas – secondary all hormon producing glands are affected. First of all power is restricted which usually was at the body´s disposal. Powerlight has developed a medicine in order to restore the electrical potentials that have shifted themselfs either age-related, radiation-related or on genetic basis. Within 6 weeks even secondary damages are remedied as far as life can be lived without permanent glucose monitoring. In the first two days grave disorders are improved as far as the amount of insulin can reduce.

We recommend for adults and children taking 23 ampoulls Powerlight BZevery second day one ampoul oraly.

Powerlight CO                    -        colonopathy

Powerlight EN                    –        to avoid strokes and organ infarctions

Neurological patients, maily stroke-risk patients show besides the instability of the blood prssure changes in the vascular endothelium, first of all in the extension area of the artery cerebralis medialis as well as the carotis interna. These changes result in the loss of the compound of the endothelial cells and deposition of salts wjich can eventually cause occlusion. The narrowing of the vacular lumen leads to pessures resulting in vessels injuries followed by harémorrages in the brain matter

Powerlight EN has vascular stabilising effects prevents in the case an insult occurs wide-spread indentations from occuring.

Powerlight EN strengthens cell compounds and stops spontaneous haemorrhages in organ areas ehich metabolism is disrupted in. It is water affects due to the dipolar character the area of membranes that could not maintain potential differences anymore becaus of the previous damage.

Powerlight EN is administered prophylactically to patients being at risk of organic infarction. As a precaution they are given 1 ampoule orally per day for period of 7 days

 Powerlight FBL              -           fibrinolyse

Powerlight FE                     –        cholesterol

In the past the topic cholesterol gave trouble to many people. The fairytail of the „bad” cholesterol (LDL) and the „good” cholesterol (HDL) has partly lasted up to now. The Powerlight has developed a medicine that intervenes regulatively in the fat metabolism. That also means that during the food dissimilation intermediately occurring peak values keep existing only for a short term, as is normal, but do permanently not „overfeed” cells. Thereby intimal cells in particular (healing up cells of the blood vessels) get relief because they respond to the long-term supply of fat by forming plaque which can than result in subsequent complications first of all in the coronary vessels. In the long run, measures in dietry overtax the patient as it is not the supply that has a primary effect on the cholesterol but inner and environmental stress situations lead to a straining of the liver so that liver cells can properly not split fat any more. Anyone who suffers from high fat values should have all liver values checked before taking Powerlight FE to exclude other diseases.

The taking should happen at intervals in order to habituate the liver cells to its function again. We recommend taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight FE daily over a period of 3 weeks followed by an intermission towards its ending the fat values should be checked once again. Are they further on higher than normal the treatment shoul be repeated by taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight FE every third day over a period of 3 weeks again. The intermission between the intervals of treatment should not be longer than 14 days.


Powerlight G+H                -          vessels circulation

A suffcient blood supply is for all areas of the body essential.The blood supply depends on

-         the heart

-         the blood vessels

-         the smooth muscles of the vascular walls.

Is only one of these factors disturbed, it comes to problems with the blood circulation and in the affected areas arise

-         painful joints

-         inadequate blood supply

-         forgetfulness

-         problems with the heart

As a consequence wounds canot heal correct and reduced mobility arise.

So that the human slip away out of live.

All urgent factors of the blood supply are controlled by a center in the interbrain.

All these arised problems can be healed by this center.

The condition of the vascular walls depends also on the right coordination in the interbrain.

Powerlight G+H stabilizises there the membran potentials, in the brain also in the periphery.


Powerlight GI                     -          uric acid

Uric acid is a product of the metabolism, that occures when special genes mutated in the body.

Than building blocks of the DNA and RNA are removed, in that way that two different acids arise (Xanthin and Hypoxanthin). They mostly deposit in areas of the body where are tendencies of degenaration and cristals arise.

Kidney stones and gout are the both diseases come about.

Powerlight GI enhances the solubility of both acids in the body liquids, so that uric acid cristals resolve.

We recommend a treatment period of 14 days taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight GI per day (oral use).


Powerlight RH                    –        rheumatism

Rheumatic diseases deal with late sequelae of liver strain that occured soi genere, neverless by medicine, alcohol or metabolism disorder. Due to a predisposed liver metabolites are formed which the body reacts allegic to. The allegic reaction happens by antibodies that can be measured as rheumatic titre. These metabolites are not broken down or exceted by convential rheumatism therapy but further increased by medicines that burden the liver. Powerlight goes to the root of evil while aiming at reduplication of the cell and the vicious cirle stopped. Even in the case of severe rheumatic diseases the treatment does not need more time.

We recommend Powerlight RH one ampoule per day orally over a period of one week.        

In the sleep medicine Powerlight RH is of enormous importance as metabolites which cannot emerge from the damage liver cells have influence on neuronal connections between abdominal organs and medulla and over that to the brain so the normal timed sequence over the epiphysis cannot succeed. In the case of disturbed sleep metabolic disorder of the liver is to be considered. According to our research half of the cases of disturbed sleep id due to liver strain which can also occure temporally.


Powerlight SB                     –        acid - base metabolism

Powerlight SP                    -         storage deseases