Powerlight AMÖ             -         Amöbes

Powerlight CAN             -         Candida albicans

Powerlight MY                –        Fungus infections

Powerlight MY has influence on the amount of water molecules in clusters. The amount of the water molecules is decisive for the biological usability of water. If there are less than three molecules in a water cluster the biological usability does not exist for upper organisms. If these clusters exist in body fluids, the body fluids has no more the possibility to support tissues and organ regions in maintaining the membran potential through electron acceptance.Therefore the succession is not always the same, depending on the state of the immune system or local existing damages of the concerning patient.

Deseases which are resulted on changes in the blood, often are not diagnosted to the common examinations in laboratories, here it is all about environment changing derailments in the water balance, on which a series of deseases of the skin come into being, or intestinal mycoses starts.

Powerlight MY has influence on the surface tension of fluids. And so on perietration of fluids through membranes, which contribute with their permeability as a second factor to supply cells and liquid hollow spaces (the 3. factor are the carrier systems) funguses are lower organisms, that get support when the biological usability becomes worse. Disease-inducing faktotrs create nearly closed areas in the intercellular fluids. In that way a miliue originates that funguses thive in.

Powerlight MY changes the form of water clusters, so that domains prefered by funguses will be broken. The medicine can be used anyway where funguses on the surface appear.

All fungus diseases have to be treated with Powerlight MY in the same way, because they all base on derailed cluster formations.

We recommend to take 1 ampoule Powerlight MY oraly per day for 1 week. To take Powerlight MY for a longer period is not neccessary. To cure intestinal mycoses it is neccessary to take after the treatment with Powerlight MY germination for recolonisation the interstine. (physician or pharmacist provide informations)


Powerlight NEURO  -        parasites in the nervous system

Powerligh TRI         -        trichomonades

Powerlight WÜ        -        Worms

All Powerlight medicines for animals are not suitable for humans. The clusters in both cases are different, although the virus in an animal might be the same like in a human.

All Powerlight medicines against viruses, bacterias and parasites you can get by Powerlight-Dubai for humans. The changed cluster against the same pathogen by Vet-Powerlight Tiermedizin is only suitable by animals. Please don´t mix up.