Powerlight AZ                     -          astigmatismus

The consequence of the astigmatism, is that two areas evolve with different light refraction in the eyes, so that objects can not sharply depiced.

Resulting a contraction of the ciliary muscle. Resulting is a restricted visual field.

Powerlight AZ has influence in membran potentials of the cells, which participate in expansion of light in the eyes. Espacially are theses cells in the area of the ocular fundus, sending control pulses to the ciliary muscle and so determine the tonus. Powerlight AZ adress those areas, correct and stabilize them.

As a result of this relaxing the ciliary muscle, a corneal curvature requests, which is rotationally symmetric again.

Forms of astgmatismus rectus can be healed.

Astigmatismus inversus can not be healed by Powerlight AZ.

We recommend a treatment period of 4 weeks taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight AZ per week (oral use).


Powerlight CH                    –        genetic incompatibility


Powerlight D-SAN           –        colon sanitary


Powerlight EG                     –        detoxication of cells after toxic loads

In the therapy of serious diseases it frequently is practice to use toxic substances  like in the chemotherapy. But also the long term intake of drugs, engaging to the cell metabolism and deposit in the body, constrict the cell metabolism. Especially antibiotics and industriel hormone are deposited in the cellular interspaces. Depending on where the deposits are, disturbances arise.

The memory capacity can be also affected as the physical mobility.

Powerlight EG increase the ability of the interstitial fluid to dissolve substances, so that they can be excreted by the kidneys.

80% of all deposits are soluble in water. 

We recommend depending on toxicity and the period of the medication to take Powerlight EG only one time 1 ampoule orally up to 1 ampoule dayly for a period of one month.



Powerligjt LB                      -          light refraction


Powerlight MUV                 -          mucoviscidose



Powerlight NST              -        kidney stones

Kidney stones consit of different mineral compounds. All these compounds underlie a wrong regulating principle. This wrong regulating principle ensures that the mineral compounds can not remaind in solution and precipitate. Powerlight gives an other regulating principle to the complet liquid in the body of patients suffering from kidney stones, so that these hardly soluble compounds can not arise. Exsisting agglomerates will be transfered by the influence on electrical fields in solution. Humans who get kidney stones again and again, Powerlight ensures, that the organism will be retuned, so that hardly soluble compounds no longer occur in future.

We recommend taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight NST only one time (oral use). (To dissolve kidney stones and to retune the organism only one ampoul is necessary.)


Powerlight PU                    –        pulmonary diseases

The lung as permanent place of exchange of gaseous substancec much more participates in detoxication processes than has so far been expected. Most notably urinary exceted substances as ammonia but also aulohur compounda from the degration of high protein diet lead to reactions at thae membrans of thae pulmonary alveoli (air sacs) which as well as the cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) originate in the surrounding of substances contacting the sensible pulmonary alveoli by the air we breathe and cusing damages there.

Powerlight has developed medications to stabilise membranes that are specifically related to organs. Powerlight PU acts membrane stabilising on all surfaces involved in the gaseous exchange. It leads to healing of diseases of the lung caused by the air we breath.

Emphysema require further treatment with a supplement. before that the menbrane is to stabilize over a period of 6-8 weeks which usually eases trouble with breathing. The supplement is not to be taken parallel with Powerlight PU

We recommend to take 1 ampoule Powerlight PU per day over a period of 30 days 

Powerlight ST                 –        joint and muscle pains

Joints has in their environment spezial pressure receptors, changeing the muscle tone when joints get stress, are answering with changing the muscel tone. All incoming impulses about the condition of joints, are answered in the spinal cord and have influence to the state of stress in the muscles around the joint. Inner tension or burden of the locomotion system may lead to continued contraction of similar muscles or muscle fibres. The consequence is a interuption of oxigen supply and so there are changes of the metabolism in the related muscle area. After a short time there are limitations of movment and paints. Powerlight ST influences the myosin filaments (microstructure of muscle fiber) so that overloads could be faster balanced and it has influence to the state of stress in the muscles, so that a normal regulation can be. Mechanical overloads, how they are in competitive sport, tense muscle fibres have a regulative effect to the scope of training, that should to be adjusted.

WARNING! You don´t have to use Powerlight by continuous overloads.

Normaly patients have no further complains after taken oraly 1 ampoul Powerlight ST, 8 days long. If there are further complains there is to analys wether there is the acid base balance completly damaged. Than we recommend to take also Powerlight SB


Powerlight TH                     -          Thyriod

The thyriod gets the controlling impulses from the pituitary. The hormon TSH makes that the thyriod can be active. The thyriod controls the life energie.

That this organ can work it needs iodine. The thyriod put iodine into the thyriod hormons T3 and T4.

Diseases of the thyriod are:

-          hashimito-thyroiditis

-          morbus basedow

-          autoimmun thyriod diseases

Powerlight TH nomalized the metabolism of the thyriod and also the superior center in the pituitary and cares that this diseases can be healed.

We recommend a treatment period of 6 weeks taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight TH per week (oral use).


Powerlight VI                     -          vertiligo

Vitiligo is a deseas of the skin. Here the homogenous distribution of the skin pigments is not possible. It arises milk strain likely areas upon the skin, which is in patches darker then normal. This defect makes that organelles in the skin cells are not evenly distributed.

The pigments of the skin which protect against UV radiation, are unable to protect against the UV. The genetic defect can be healed taking Powerlight VI. Cell organelles will be normaly distribute, so that the pigment will be evenly distributed again. Neural and central nervous influences will be harmonized. This deseas is always connected with a sensory nervous system, that will be healed also.

We recommend a treatment period of 4 weeks taking 1 ampoule of Powerlight VI per week


Blue – you can get the medicine but the the leaflet is in german at this moment

Red – dosage of the medicine

Black – information about the medicine










The ability to see, thanks to three aspects of the eye. The light transmission in the front part of the eye, the contraction ability and the ability of the musculus ciliaris to relaxe (this muscle contraction leads to the sharp parts of the image objects in the vicinity. Muscle relaxation sharpens the image of an object, that is farther away). And thirdly the ability of retina light signals into electrical impulses to convert.

Age short-sightedness comes through false images of objects, thus that in cells of the eye refractive changes the shape of the eyes caused by aging. In the age the ciliary muscle loses the ability, to adjust objects in the vicinity and objects farther away. Depending on which ability is more lost, the person is farsighted or nearsighted. To the hyperopia nearby objects can not be focused, near sightedness distant objects can not be focused. The reason for the loss of these two skills lies in a reduction of the electric potential on the cells of the ciliary muscle. Powerlight LB is able to rebuild this potential by electron charge.

Therefore age nearsightedness and farsightedness are completely cured with Powerlight LB.


We recommend a treatment period of 8 days with 1 ampoule Powerlight LB per day, taken orally.