Powerlight BS                     –        haemostasis

Powerlight BS can used for all bleedings from injuries in the home to those of large vessels. Within half a minute after the medication two different reactions will occur. First the smooth muscles in the vessel walls contract. The contraction in the tissue is deeper the more profuse the bleeding is. Under the influence of Powerlight BS tissue in the peripheral area reacts immediatly on the clotting substance of the air. The more blood extravasates the more intensive is the reaction because fibres of the autinomic nervous system participate by nerosensory transfer. Contration and aggregation of the thrombozcytes will endure as long as first fibrin deposits initiate repairing and healing processes. We warn of the applying of Powerlight BS prophylactically because in this case severe injuries can easily be overlooked.


In the event of injury take 1 ampoule Powerlight BS orally once.

In order to arrest inflammations in the early stage the additional application of Powerlight E should be considered for wound care after 1-2 days.


Powerlight E                      –        inflammations

A sodium chloridesolution which has a changed structure has successfully been used for inflmmations of bacterial and abacterial nature.

First of all difficult to trea inflammations in the area of joints bur also open wounds are indication areas. Rheumatic diseases which all have an inflammating course respond well to Powerlight E. It is taken over a period of a few of days as long as the inflammation is present. Are intruded foreign substances present it comes to the remission of the inflammation, neverless the removing of the foreign substance should be given priority.

The same applies to inflammations of the teeth and jaw area. A dental treatment cannot be superseded ba taking Powerlight E.

The dosage for children ist he same as is for adults, 1 ampoule Powerlight E should be taken orally per day. Overdosage cannot occur. No side effects are known.


Powerlight HZ                     -        acute and chronic heart diseases

Powerlight HZ is a medicin with an effect at the heart, the effect is at the smooth muscel cells of the vesssel walls of coronary-arteries. In the area of vessel constrictions stress situations cause a reduced oxygen supply of the myocordium. This reduced supply is another stress factor, so that the situations build up.

Powerlight HZ is only effective at the smooth muscle cells of the coronary arteries. In the arteries of other organs there is no effect. In the heart metabolism Powerlight HZ has a regulative influence, it makes sure that harmful substances can be remove. For the heart failture and simultaneously accelerated pulse we see after an intake of HZ a better supply of the heart, a higher heart beat volume and at the same time a lowery of the heart frequency.

Also it helps in:

    -  diseases of the pericardium

    -  diseases of the coronary vessels

    -  diseases of the conduction system

    -  diseases within the scope of vegetative influences on the heart.


Powerlight Livesafer        –        for the regulation of blood pressure crises

In the emergency medicine we often deal with hypertensive crises which seem uncontrollable. The coordination of adrenal glands and receptors in the area of the arteria carotis in those cases is so disturbed that the risk of stroke increases dramatically. We are faced with an oppression of life-sustaining impulses from the brainstem that tries to keep the periphery open while centralising. In the emergency medicine but also after inflammations in the brain stem itself, above all, by herpesviruses or hepatitis A viruses directed over the blood vessels problem cases with life-threatening consequences occur. With Powerlight Lifesaver as well as all Foton Powerlight products at all we have an active substance which exclusively is physically changed water which, in the above cases, stabilises pressure receptors in the membrane so that life-threatening crises are immediately interrupted if they are of the described origin.

If the patient is still able to respond it will be sufficient to make the patient to take 1 ampoule of Powerlight Lifesaver or, with ventilated patients, to atomise 1 ampoule of Powerlight Lifesaver in the ultrasonic nebulizer and to take care that the tube or respiratory mask are within the area of atomisation. After running through the crisis bicarbonate buffers are to be checked immediately and if necessary substituted.


Powerlight S                       –        for pains of all kinds

In the past, occuring pains were treated by medicines which effected an interruption of the stimulus transmission at the nerv fibres.

Powerlight S has the possibility to prvent stimulus transmission from arising by not achieving alterations in the mebrane potential. The advantage is the soon effectiveness and resumption of the normal function of otherwise affected argan systems (kidneys, liver). The effect grounds on a structure of water molecules, which exercise influence by their dipolar character on rendering a depolarisation of the nerv cell impossible.

The effect occures within 15 minutes. Addiction is not possible, the effect last approx. 4 hours so 6 ampouls Powerlight S can easily be taken by day. Neverless, as pains can be an alarming signal, in the event of prolonged use a doctor should consulted.